Surfing in Australia

Surfing in Australia has grown to become a national sport and so people from all over the world have taken notice and have been visiting Australia for some of the best beaches in the world. Aussies love their waves and there are plenty of websites built around surfing including,, and

A quick flight up to the Gold Coast has traditionally been the spot for ages but there are plenty of different beaches that will provide the best waves. If you are serious about going to Australia to be able to surf, you should certainly fly in and visit these beaches.

Manly Beach

As just a short ferry ride away from the Harbour, you will be able to enjoy one of the prettiest beaches in the Sydney area. Manly has been known to be a very quiet and secluded beach with some of the best waves to ride. Though many people tend to steer away because of the ferry ride, it is completely worth it if you truly love big waves. Thousands of surfers visit manly on a daily basis and should be your next stop once you are in the area.

The Many Festival of Surfing in 2012 was a great event with hundreds of thousands of people attending from all over the world for both the action as well as the free concerts. Professional surfers packed flights into Sydney for 2 weeks prior and enjoyed some great swell.

Bondi Beach

As the most popular beach in the area, Bondi beach is extremely famous during the summer as Bondi will have some of the strongest waves in New South Wales. There are also a lot of female surfers in the area and so this is good news for the single men out there. There are also a lot of neighboring restaurants and shops that will surely entertain those that might not be into surfing. It’s also the closest beach to the airport so often the first pot of call for backpackers on their round-the-world flights.

Noosa Beach

This is one of the more tropical beaches in the area and will be a great place to visit even during the winter months and certainly there’s no shortage of Sydneysiders flying up for the colder months. The waves are still incredibly fun to surf on even during the windy months as it seems like the waves never break. If you are looking for the ultimate beach for Surfing in Australia, this is certainly the spot. With amazing stores and shops just a short walk away, you will be able to really enjoy this rare beach in Australia.

Overall, surfing in Australia can be found at all the beaches and you will be able to really enjoy the sport all over the country. Whether you are Broome or fly in the Sydney area, you will surely be able to experience the Australian waves all throughout the no matter what season it is. If you are serious about surfing in Australia, you should definitely check one of these beaches out soon. To book a flight, click here and compare what deals there are.